In loving memory of Jeff Riecke.​ Loving husband, business supporter, and mastermind behind the design.

Lego: neutered male, long haired orage tabby. Pictured at 12 weeks old. This little guy is the most adorable trick-pod ever! His left hind was amputated due to injury, but he doesn't know he only has 3 legs! This little guy can do anything any other cat can do, but with style! He loves attention, and will yell at you to get some! Extremely playful, loves to play with his friends Juno, and Jupiter.

Ellis, orange and white tabby, and Leon, black and white tuxedo, are the barn mascots, and the resident complaint departments. Sunny, the dark orange tabby is the head of security. All three are rescues, and love their new home!

English Riding Lessons And Horse Training in Cedar Rapids

Chesapeake Central Equestrian brings 25 years of Maryland's horse experience to Iowa.  Specializing in Eventing, Jumping, and Dressage lessons, Natural Horsemanship and Colt Starting.

Juno: spayed female, medium haired tori. Pictured at 12 weeks old. Beautiful little girl with a big purr. This kitten likes to cuddle, but also loves to play. She is a little spitfire, with plenty of torti-tude! Rescued off the side of the road with her brother Jupiter.



Cats available for adoption through SAINT Cat Rescue:

Barn Mascots!

(Not Available for Adoption)

Jupiter: neutered male, short hair orange tabby. Pictured at 12 weeks old. Fearless little ball of fun, that adapts very well. Big motor, and loves to be held and given attention. Rescued off the side of the road with his sister Juno.

**Chesapeake Central Equestrian fosters these kittens for SAINT Cat Rescue in the new SAINT annex**