Jacob: 15.3h AWB available for dressage, and jumping lessons

Perseverance: 17.3h AWB available for dressage lessons

Ian: 14.3h AWB available for, dressage, jumping, and eventing lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons, Boarding, and Training Available in Iowa City, IA

Lesson Horse Available:

A student taking horseback riding lessons in Iowa City, IA

Stall Baord:

      12 x 14 stalls

      Sawdust bedding

      Quality hay fed 2x daily

      Grain/supplements fed 2x daily (owners supply supplements)

      Stall cleaning 6 days a week

      Turnout daily

      Horses checked daily

Pasture Board:

      Includes 20 acres

      70 x 35 Morton shelter

      Auto waterer

      Horses checked daily

      Quality hay during the winter and pasture/grass in the summer

Additional Fees For Pasture Board:

      Grain/supplements fed 1x daily (provided by owner)

      Medical care

      Stall use during lay-up


English Lessons (Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country Jumping,

and Hunter)

       School horses available

Horse Training

Coaching (warm-ups at shows, course walks, etc.)

Colt Starting

Re-schools (Off the track horses, etc.)

Natural Horsemanship-following Buck Brannaman's philosophy

Trish lives on-site at Chesapeake Central Equestrian.